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Our company

Our company which started serving in 2004 with KADİM MARBLE brand, made its first investment with its quarry located in AYDIN province, Bozdoğan town. After within a very short period of time of starting our “Muğla White” and “Storm” products as blocks in this quarry, our first factory started its activities in this area. Our company which produces blocks with certain dimensions in those facilities, started selling to local market and exporting to foreign countries its production. Kadim Mermer commissioned its “Kayrak Stone” Quarry and Dimensioned Slab Facilities located in YEMŞENDERE municipality of MUĞLA province in 2005. In 2006, a new quarry was put into service in Bilecik Province, Yenipazar Town and our “Bilecik Beige“, “Sahara” and “Emperador” products have been started to be produced over there. In the fall of the same year a new quarry located in AYRANCI municipality of KARAMAN province, has been started to be operated and our “NOCE” and “MEDIUM TRAVERTINE” products have been started to be produced. In the fall of 2007, second factory of our company has been put into service in İNHİSAR municipality of BİLECİK province.

Thanks to our investments and efforts, our company which exports goods to 15 countries, has become one of the leading companies of our country.